Emerging Gang Culture

Since the late 90’s there has been a recorded increase in gang like activity in parts of Belfast with young people.


This is certainly not widespread and does not depict large groupings of young people.  Instead there are smaller subgroups of ‘Influencers’.


These particular individuals could have more than 100 young people gathered for a riot in under 20 mins using the latest social media and chat applications found on smart phones.


Gang culture is an emerging phenomenon which creates an opportunity for youth workers to be proactive and intervene in its development.


Emerging Gang Culture - Gear 5

As an organisation of youth work practitioners ‘NBAP’ has developed 2 further resources to aid the development of youth work methodology in tackling emerging gang culture

The resource ‘Emerging Gang Culture’ Groupwork Manual recognizes the skill base of ‘Influencers’.  There is an opportunity for this skill base to be utilized in a more constructive manner by reducing their involvement in high or moderate risk legal / illegal activities into less risky behaviours.

Later this year NBAP will launch ‘Fifth Gear’. This explains the concept of emerging gang culture in Belfast and includes a number of theories which will assist Detached Youth Workers in the development of their work with ‘Street Gangs.


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