"Every Young Person should have access to a Youth Worker"



Streetwork is an innovative practice of Youth Work which incorporates detached and outreach work.


This work involves contact with young people in the places they choose to congregate.

The Approach

NBAP has been practicing Streetwork methodology since 2000 and adheres to the ‘Gear Stick Model’.


The division has been divided into 5 zones to aid mapping and ensuring ‘Hard to Reach’ young people are contactable by the team.





Many different approaches are taken to walking the streets in Gear 1.


Hence the use of large scale zonal events to draw crowds, weekend soccer, school playground initiatives etc.

(Scary House and FASA Bus).



Gear 2 & 3 focus on PSD work in groups or the Fairplay North Programme.


 All these incorporate activities and residentials.

The outdoors is an effective tool to developing skills.



The Bike Club has a fleet of 14 bikes and access to trails of varying skills.


 Complementing these programmes are the Duke of Edinburgh Award


John Muir Award.



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