NBAP has been practicing Streetwork methodology since 2000 and adheres to the ‘Gear Stick Model’.


The division has been divided into 6 zones to aid mapping and ensuring ‘Hard to Reach’ young people are contactable by the team.


The Gear Stick Model was developed in 2003.  From many years practice in Detached Youth Work.  The approach recognizes that young people have embarked upon life’s Journey.  Hence the gears represent the different speed that Journey may take.


All workers adhere to the BELB Policy & Practices of Detached Youth Workers.

The Approach

Gear 1 – Discussion . Dialogue on the street



Gear 2 – Relationship building through activities


Gear 3 – PSD Groupwork / Projects


Gear 4 – Mentoring / Youth Leaders / Advocacy


Gear 5 – Specialist programmes for those

               deemed High Risk and involved in

               Street Gangs  all rights reserved


North Belfast Area Project

 C/o Mountcollyer Youth Club

 111-113 Limestone Road

 Belfast, BT15 3AB


Telephone No: 02890352774