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North Belfast Area Project have devised a number of cutting edge resources designed to assist those working with young people in delivering effective youth work.


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Establishing Detached Youth Work

Outreach/Detached Youth Work is an innovative approach to working with young people at the cutting edge. Young people who choose at times not to participate in a centre based programme now have the opportunity to engage with well resourced youth workers in the environment of their choosing.


You can now download the document ‘Establishing Detached Youth Work’. This has been devised from nearly 10 years of working with young people on the streets and in parks.


Streetbased Youth Work is continually developing and is an essential approach to youth work which complements the work done in centres.

Downloadable Manuals / Resources


BELB Policy & Procedures Detached Youth Work

Over the past 15 years detached and outreach Youth work has been developing in belfast. This is often done in partnership with other sponsoring agencies. Concern has been expressed by youth service staff and others that such an important and often unseen area of work was not developing within an overall planned framework.


This Outreach and Detached Youth Work Policy Guidlines document has been produced in response to those concerns and although it does not answer all the questions, it is recommeneded as a framework for good practice.

YWIC: Youth Working In Their Communities

‘Changing a generation’ sums up what is to be achieved through the YWIC programme. Older generations will describe the expectation on volunteers to facilitate large successful youth organisations. Without these volunteers many youth organisations would not have existed. This pattern has now shifted in many areas to payment for work and the ideology of volunteering has been lost in this new generation of young people and perhaps adults.


YWIC will over a two year period produce well skilled, qualified and experienced youth work volunteers. These volunteers starting at the age of 17 years and over will act as role models to the young people they work with to inspire a new generation of young people into volunteering in their communities.


Short Courses

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